Wall of Dreams – London

I am currently working on a project for the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre in London, UK. The Southbank Centre where the installation will occur, is a world-renowned multi-venue arts centre with a dynamic and progressive programme, an inclusive ethos, and a place where people experience culture, learn and get inspired. It is also a place where contemporary issues can come to the forefront and be discussed.

The art installation, a lit projection, is called the ‘Wall of dreams’ and it will take place in October 2017 portraying visions and dreams from refugees across Europe during the ‘Nordic Matters Festival’. The projects takes its roots from a previous public artwork ‘Drømmegavlen’ I did in Copenhagen, Denmark. For information in english and images, kindly click here for the Danish Dream wall.

This ‘Wall of dreams’ intention is to raise much-needed awareness about out current refugee situation. The current media often portrays refugees and migrants as a common mass and as an ‘other’ in society. This artwork and project is an opportunity to influence a change of this representation. Let’s convey a different story.

I believe dreams to be strong, clear and honest messages. Each dream opens a window into an individual. And they give the potential for us to understand each other better. Europe is building walls around itself.

We want to create a contrasting image by proposing another type of ‘wall’: A sharing wall, an inclusive wall and a connective Interface!

Dream Collectors: Naja Ashley Misfeldt (in Greece)

Wall of Dreams

Temporary Public Art piece during the Nordic Matters Festival, October 2017

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London, UK

Visualisation for Southbank Centre ‘Wall of Dreams’  (Anna Maria Orru)


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